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Spotter Client Software

Mirasys  VMS comes to disrupt the video management system market.


Reinforcing Mirasys positioning as a deep vision data company, Spotter V9 provides the best VMS solution according to the project needs, including for all Enterprise channels the Video Content Analytics (VCA).

Spotter V9 is structured in three VMS product models: Base, Pro and Enterprise. Based on the number of cameras, servers and simultaneous users, you can choose the VMS solution your project requires. 

Gather, store and manage data from CCTV cameras and third-party sensors with Mirasys Spotter V9! This powerful VMS allows clients, within needs, to improve security, optimize processes, enhance business operation and decrease the need for human monitoring.  

Spotter License Options:

Spotter Base (for Small Business): Up to 20 connected cameras on a single server (stand alone) system and maximum two simultaneous users.

Spotter Pro (for All Industries): Up to 50 connected cameras per server, maximum 3 servers in one system with maximum 5 simultaneous users.

Spotter Enterprise (for Large Projects/Installations): Up to 250 connected cameras per server, maximum 150 servers in one system with maximum 10 simultaneous users.

Spotter Enterprise Plus (Deep Vision Data – Unlimited): No restrictions, all features included and every channel contains VCA!

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys – deep vision data company – EN brochure 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys VMS Spotter V9 – Product Comparison Chart & Feature List – September 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys_VCA_Rules-Oct2020

Video Management (DVMS)

Open ~ Easy ~ Secure


Mirasys’s VMS software is one of the preferred choices to collect, store, and provide data from CCTV cameras and other related sensors to both small and large installations. Mirasys is a deep vision data company that allows customers around the world to extract maximum information from old and new cameras and sensors. The data extracted from the footage gives customers and clients the ability to improve security, optimize processes, enhance the business operation and decrease the need for human monitoring. Based in Helsinki, Finland, the company operates in over 40 countries with regional representations. The local teams cooperate with leading distributors, system integrators, security service providers, and large customers. More than 70,000 customers use Mirasys systems with over one million connected cameras. 

The Microsoft Windows based Mirasys VMS provides numerous features that allow partners and customers to easily fulfill the requirements of unique and diverse market verticals. Its scalability from stand-alone installation to networked systems with hundreds of sites enables unique possibilities. The software supports thousands of cameras in one centrally-managed environment. All cameras can be managed using a single system, regardless of the location of the cameras. The system provides a user interface that is available in 21 languages to allow more convenience for international users. 

Via integration options on all architecture levels, the VMS supports process optimization, security, business data analyses with AI tools and seamless connection to other operation relevant sensors and systems. As a result, all collected data can be efficiently utilized to make better decisions and reduce cost. 

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DOWNLOAD: Mirasys – deep vision data company – EN brochure 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys VMS Spotter V9 – Product Comparison Chart & Feature List – September 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys_VCA_Rules-Oct2020

Deep Learning Forensics

Embedded AI with Real-Time Video Forensic Search by Object/Color/Plate/Face/Weapon


Mirasys’ VMS (Video Management System) harnesses cutting-edge deep learning capabilities to offer comprehensive surveillance solutions. Through advanced algorithms, the system integrates facial recognition, license plate recognition, object detection, people movement analysis, access control, and weapon detection seamlessly into its operations. By leveraging these technologies, Mirasys empowers operators to swiftly identify anomalies in real-time, enhancing situational awareness and response efficacy.

Moreover, Mirasys VMS goes beyond mere real-time alerts; it equips end-users with powerful forensic search functionalities. Users can conduct meticulous searches by object type, color, and other common attributes, enabling precise retrieval of relevant footage for post-incident analysis and investigations. This holistic approach ensures proactive security measures and facilitates thorough retrospective analysis, making Mirasys VMS a versatile and invaluable tool in today’s dynamic security landscape.


Deep Integration with all of your Favorite Third-Party Hardware & Applications!

To provide the best VMS solutions on the market, Mirasys has partnered with several technology companies around the world specialized in various fields. Our partner and training program guarantees the required knowledge transfer to develop customized solutions for any market.

The Mirasys-Architecture
The Mirasys-Architecture

Case Studies

Hear From Other Mirasys Customers!

Welcome to Mirasys Case Studies, where you’ll discover firsthand accounts of how our cutting-edge solutions have transformed businesses across a diverse range of industries. At Mirasys, we pride ourselves on serving a wide array of sectors, from Retail and Education to Gaming and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Fortune 500 enterprises, Entertainment, and beyond.

Our flagship product, Mirasys Spotter VMS (Video Management System), is designed to excel in even the most demanding environments, effortlessly handling thousands of cameras and peripheral smart devices. But don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from our valued customers who have successfully deployed Mirasys Spotter VMS in their operations.

Explore these case studies to learn how Mirasys has helped businesses optimize security, streamline operations, and achieve their goals with unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small enterprise, Mirasys is here to provide innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. Discover how Mirasys can elevate your business today.


Welcome to the Mirasys resource hub, your go-to destination for all things related to our industry-leading solutions. Below, you’ll find links to valuable documentation, including user manuals, installation guides, and technical specifications, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips. Our online training portal offers comprehensive courses designed to enhance your expertise and maximize the potential of your Mirasys system. Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned professional, our training resources will empower you to leverage the full capabilities of our solutions. Additionally, access our extranet for exclusive content, updates, and support tailored to our valued partners and customers. With these resources, you’ll be equipped to optimize your Mirasys experience and achieve your business objectives with confidence.