• 26 Jun

    Today’s Surveillance Upgrade: Integrating AI for Enhanced Security

    In an increasingly interconnected world, the demand for advanced surveillance systems has never been higher. As security threats evolve, so too must the technologies that defend against them. At the forefront of this evolution are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which are transforming surveillance systems and setting new standards for security. This blog […]

  • 20 Jun

    Enterprise Surveillance: Understanding Camera Drivers and Their Functions

    In the realm of enterprise surveillance, the seamless operation of security cameras is paramount for ensuring the safety and security of an organization’s assets, personnel, and information. One critical yet often overlooked component in this system is the camera driver. Understanding what camera drivers are and their functions can greatly enhance the efficiency and reliability […]

  • 31 May

    School Safety Expert Says Mirasys VMS is a Game-changer for Schools

    Mirasys VMS is helping schools become more safe. Mirasys VMS efficiently enhances school safety and security. With its advanced video management system, schools can effectively monitor and manage their surveillance systems, ensuring a secure learning environment. By utilizing Mirasys VMS, educational institutions can proactively address potential threats and take necessary actions, promoting the safety and […]

  • 17 Apr

    Guardians of the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing Security in an Era of Uncertainty

    As the world navigates through an era marked by heightened unpredictability and new forms of threats, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in bolstering our security frameworks has never been more critical. From the streets we patrol to the cyberspace we safeguard, the integration of AI technologies is transforming the very fabric of physical and […]

  • 16 Feb

    Hybrid System Success in Stadium Venue

    “The new hybrid video system gives our ground safety team, working in concert with Lancashire Constabulary, the ability to extract wrongdoers from the crowd before they endanger other football fans or commit public order offences. The Police have already been able to secure several convictions based on positive identification of individuals committing acts that placed […]

  • 15 Feb

    Harnessing the Power of an Open VMS

    Introduction:In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of security solutions, the need for seamlessintegration has never been more crucial. As businesses across various verticals recognize theimportance of a comprehensive security infrastructure, the role of an Open Video ManagementSystem (VMS) emerges as a key player. This is particularly true for companies like Mirasys,which has established its presence […]