16 Feb

City Council, Combining Security Into One Solution

A City Council obtained a future proof surveillance solution which offered protection for staff, overall management of facilities and long term cost savings.


A City Council in the UK wanted to implement a comprehensive and future proof surveillance and security system to ensure that their award winning development, which houses over 2,000 members of staff, would have a seamless integrated security solution. A solution that could provide more than just video and intruder alerts. They were looking to monitor the daily flow of people through their facilities and provide proactive incident response to vulnerable areas. They also wanted to protect property, staff and assets as well as ensuring efficient overall management of the facilities.


Mirasys Enterprise was installed together with over 50 cameras, including Vista HD, Panasonic and analogue. Mirasys Enterprise supports up to 6,400 cameras both IP and analogue. Features such as video recording, live viewing and instant playback, together with advanced search tools provide immediate information to meet their security needs. However to meet the Council’s objectives, plug ins were added such as counting, reporting and object detection.


The system design provided a future proof solution to ensure long-term cost savings could be realized. By integrating Access Control, Intruder Detection, People Counting, Panic Alarms, Audio Monitoring and Video Analytics the overall operation control could be achieved through the surveillance solution. A fully functional multi-screen control room along with controlled access to all interested parties within and outside the building ensured that everyone’s security and operational requirements could be met. The intuitive and easy to use interface helped to reduce the installation time and allowed the staff to be operative with minimum training. The People Counting add-on gave them information about the building usage. This meant adjustments could be made to air conditioning and lighting systems. This helped them make decisions in terms of staffing levels or customer services improvements. Footage and images can be accessed remotely through iPads and   iPhones and information on suspicious ‘alarms’ can be sent via e-mail. Tailored viewing information and access rights for different users can be also created. It means that everyone has access to the information they require and when they need it and the overall security of the site is guaranteed also out of working hours.