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Vaidio Embedded AI

Embedded AI with Real-Time Video Analytics & Forensic Search by a Multitude of Filters: Object/Color/Plate/Face/Weapon


Mirasys’ VMS (Video Management System) harnesses cutting-edge deep learning capabilities to offer comprehensive surveillance solutions. Through advanced algorithms, the system integrates facial recognition, license plate recognition, object detection, people movement analysis, access control, and weapon detection seamlessly into its operations. By leveraging these technologies, Mirasys empowers operators to swiftly identify anomalies in real-time, enhancing situational awareness and response efficacy.

Moreover, Mirasys VMS goes beyond mere real-time alerts; it equips end-users with powerful forensic search functionalities. Users can conduct meticulous searches by object type, color, and other common attributes, enabling precise retrieval of relevant footage for post-incident analysis and investigations. This holistic approach ensures proactive security measures and facilitates thorough retrospective analysis, making Mirasys VMS a versatile and invaluable tool in today’s dynamic security landscape.


Face Search & Recognition

Enable the rapid search of a person in a video footage based on an input image of the person’s face. By having the search engine based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, each search query can yield results within only seconds, which helps locate a person almost immediately in real-time.​

Vaidio’s AI Face Recognition continuously detects and recognizes faces from IP video surveillance cameras. The subject is detected regardless of motion or proximity to the camera. This Face Recognition solution relieves human operators from continuous monitoring with confidence and provides a comprehensive user interface to easily and swiftly access the collection of events registered by the system.​

Intrusion Detection

Vaidio’s Intrusion Detection automates the monitoring tasks for high-risk sites to provide a high level of security and security personnel monitoring efficiency. The simple plug-and-play setup enables our AI Intrusion Detection to be deployed in real-world applications.

Traditional intrusion detection systems detect objects based on size and location, but do not recognize the type of objects. Vaidio’s Intrusion Detection (Virtual Fence), with the built-in AI algorithms to recognize over 100 types of objects, can distinguish objects of interest, e.g., a person, from irrelevant objects in the Region of Interest (ROI), (e.g., animal, plastic bags, moving shadows at dawn/dusk). Thus, there is a significant decrease in the false-positive rate.

License Plate Recognition

Vaidio’s AI License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a real-time, high-performance software solution used to identify and analyze license plates from over 100 countries worldwide. LPR is an application module available in the Vaidio platform, which is easy to deploy, maintain, and scale from small business to enterprise-level systems. ​

The LPR floating license enables one to use the networks of IP-based surveillance cameras for multiple AI functions to monitor suspicious or anomalous behavior, improve access control, and match against watch lists, especially at choke points where vehicles enter or exit a facility.

People/Vehicle Counting

Quickly and accurately track and determine the number of people/cars in the camera’s field of view with Vaidio’s People & Vehicle Tracking (PVC) solution, also called AI Counting,

Vaidio’s AI Counting can be used in many types of public access areas, such as transportation hubs, airports, theme parks, national landmarks, entertainment venues, retail shops, tourist attractions, banking, and corporate facilities. Able to process real-time, the AI Counting solution is valuable in service management analysis and forecasting for both security and business intelligence purposes.

Vehicle Make & Model Recognition

Vaidio’s Vehicle Make and Model Recognition can recognize over 200 makes and 2000 models allowing you to search for or be alerted of a vast number of specific vehicle makes and models through multiple cameras and uploaded files. Alert rules can be strategically configured to send real-time notifications when the specific make and model is detected in the camera’s field of view.

Common applications include forensic investigation, access control, loss/theft prevention, vehicle tracking, and much more. This function works even better in conjunction with other analytics such as License Plate or Face Recognition for highly specified results.

Abnormality Detection

Detect suspicious or concerning behavior such as people/vehicles loitering for more than a certain time period, slipping and falling, illegal parking, and/or people/vehicles moving in the wrong direction in the camera’s field of view with Vaidio’s Abnormality Detection.

Ideal for all types of facilities, including transportation hubs, retail shops, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers, abnormality detection gives you the ability to process video in real-time.

Weapon Detection

Accurately identify weapons in real-time and generate alerts when a gun enters the camera’s field of view.

The weapon detection solution is valuable in providing active shooter detection warnings before the actual shooting incidents can occur, effectively enhancing proactive measures to save lives.

Social Health Analytics®

A comprehensive suite of social health screening capabilities Vaidio’s Social Health Analytics™ is for organizations seeking to re-open and operate safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Vaidio can process images from just about any IP-compliant video camera to detect, report and alert on:

  • Face Masks – No-mask Alert
  • Distancing – Distance Alert
  • Occupancy – Capacity Alert
  • Temperature – High-temp Alert


These analytics can be used alone or in combination