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Gaming & Hospitality

Gaming Operators Need a Robust VMS Platform with Flexibility and Open for Integrations


In the bustling world of gaming and hospitality, ensuring the safety and security of guests, employees, and assets is paramount. The Mirasys VMS system plays a crucial role in this vertical by providing comprehensive surveillance solutions tailored to the unique needs of casinos, hotels, and resorts. With advanced features such as real-time monitoring, video analytics, and seamless integration with access control systems, Mirasys empowers security teams to proactively detect and respond to potential threats. In an environment where large crowds and high-value assets are commonplace, having a robust video management system is essential for maintaining a safe and secure atmosphere. By leveraging Mirasys VMS, gaming and hospitality establishments can enhance their security posture, mitigate risks, and protect their reputation.

Features & Integrations that Benefit Gaming:

  • POS Monitoring: Theft or fraud at cash registers or gaming tables
  • Artificial Intelligence Detection: Altercation or violence between guests
  • Access Control Integration: Prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Motion Detection: To detect movement in obscure spaced to watch for Vandalism or property damage
  • Weapons Detection AI: Suspicious behavior indicating potential security threats
  • Reliable Recording: Safety hazards such as slips, trips, and falls
  • Gaming Certified (Tribal & Corporate): Compliance violations with gaming regulations
  • People Monitoring AI: Monitoring crowd density and movement during events

Spotter License Options:

Spotter Pro (for All Industries): Up to 50 connected cameras per server, maximum 3 servers in one system with maximum 5 simultaneous users.

Spotter Enterprise (for Large Projects/Installations): Up to 250 connected cameras per server, maximum 150 servers in one system with maximum 10 simultaneous users.

Spotter Enterprise Plus (Deep Vision Data – Unlimited): No restrictions, all features included and every channel contains VCA!

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys – deep vision data company – EN brochure 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys VMS Spotter V9 – Product Comparison Chart & Feature List – September 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys_VCA_Rules-Oct2020

Service Automation

As more businesses offer automated services, having a reliable surveillance system is key.

In the realm of service automation, security and surveillance play a critical role in ensuring the safety of both customers and assets. Take, for example, a bustling car wash facility where machinery operates autonomously, and customers utilize self-service options. In such environments, the Mirasys VMS system becomes an indispensable tool for monitoring operations, mitigating risks, and protecting against liabilities.

Imagine a scenario where a customer inadvertently damages their vehicle while navigating through the car wash due to negligence or error. Without proper surveillance in place, determining liability could become a challenging and contentious issue. However, with Mirasys VMS cameras strategically positioned throughout the car wash, every moment of the wash cycle is meticulously recorded.

In the event of an incident, such as a customer’s vehicle colliding with equipment or structures within the car wash, the footage captured by Mirasys cameras provides indisputable evidence of what transpired. This documentation can exonerate the car wash owner from liability by clearly demonstrating that the damage was caused by the customer’s actions rather than any fault in the operation of the facility.

Beyond the realm of car washes, surveillance technology plays a pivotal role in numerous other industries where service automation is prevalent. For instance, in self-service kiosks at fast-food restaurants or grocery stores, cameras help deter theft and vandalism while also providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Similarly, in automated manufacturing facilities, surveillance systems like Mirasys VMS ensure the smooth operation of machinery and equipment while also enhancing workplace safety by detecting and addressing potential hazards in real-time. From self-checkout lanes in retail stores to automated teller machines (ATMs) in banking institutions, the need for robust security and surveillance solutions is ubiquitous in the realm of service automation.

By leveraging the capabilities of Mirasys VMS, businesses across various industries can effectively manage risks, protect their assets, and maintain the integrity of their operations. Whether it’s preventing fraudulent claims in a car wash or safeguarding valuable equipment in a manufacturing plant, the power of surveillance technology is indispensable in today’s automated service landscape.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial Environments require a reliable VMS system.

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, security and surveillance are critical for safeguarding personnel, equipment, and intellectual property. The Mirasys VMS system offers manufacturers a powerful toolset for monitoring production facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers with precision and efficiency. With features such as event-based recording, remote access, and integration with industrial automation systems, Mirasys enables seamless coordination between security operations and production processes. By implementing Mirasys VMS, manufacturers can enhance workplace safety, prevent theft and vandalism, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. The system’s scalability and flexibility make it an ideal solution for manufacturing environments of all sizes, from small factories to large industrial complexes.

  • Equipment malfunctions or breakdowns
  • Theft of raw materials or finished goods
  • Workplace accidents or injuries
  • Unauthorized personnel accessing sensitive areas
  • Compliance with safety protocols and regulations
  • Monitoring production processes for efficiency and quality control
  • Identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies in operations
  • Detecting anomalies in machinery performance


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DOWNLOAD: Mirasys – deep vision data company – EN brochure 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys VMS Spotter V9 – Product Comparison Chart & Feature List – September 2020

DOWNLOAD: Mirasys_VCA_Rules-Oct2020


Brick & Mortar stores love the Mirasys platform.


In the dynamic world of retail, protecting merchandise, preventing theft, and ensuring a safe shopping environment are essential for success. The Mirasys VMS system offers retailers a comprehensive solution for video surveillance and loss prevention, helping to deter theft, monitor store operations, and optimize customer experiences. With features such as POS integration, people counting, and remote monitoring capabilities, Mirasys empowers retailers to proactively identify suspicious behavior and mitigate risks in real-time. By leveraging Mirasys VMS, retail businesses can improve inventory management, reduce shrinkage, and enhance overall security across single or multi-site operations. The system’s user-friendly interface and customizable alerts make it easy for store managers to stay informed and take action swiftly, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

  • Shoplifting or theft of merchandise
  • Employee theft or fraud at checkout counters
  • Monitoring cash handling procedures for accuracy
  • Identifying counterfeit currency or payment fraud
  • Monitoring customer behavior for suspicious activity
  • Preventing inventory shrinkage due to errors or pilferage
  • Compliance with retail regulations such as age verification for restricted products
  • Monitoring foot traffic and customer flow for optimizing store layout and product placement


School Administrators Love the Mirasys VMS Platform.

In the nurturing environment of educational institutions, ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff is paramount. The Mirasys VMS system offers schools, colleges, and universities a comprehensive solution for campus security, helping to prevent incidents, monitor facilities, and respond swiftly to emergencies. With features such as video analytics, panic button integration, and mobile alerts, Mirasys empowers security personnel to proactively identify potential threats and take appropriate action. By implementing Mirasys VMS, educational institutions can enhance campus safety, improve incident response times, and provide peace of mind to students, parents, and staff. The system’s ease of use and seamless integration with existing security infrastructure make it an ideal choice for educational environments seeking to create a secure and conducive learning environment for all.

  • Preventing unauthorized access to school premises or classrooms
  • Monitoring student behavior for signs of bullying or violence
  • Ensuring the safety of students during arrival and dismissal times
  • Identifying suspicious individuals or activities on campus
  • Monitoring playgrounds and recreational areas for safety hazards
  • Preventing theft or vandalism of school property
  • Compliance with student privacy laws such as FERPA
  • Monitoring attendance and tardiness patterns for truancy prevention
The Mirasys-Architecture
The Mirasys-Architecture


Venues host thousands of people at a time and having a dependable VMS is paramount.

In the vibrant world of entertainment venues, creating a safe and enjoyable experience for patrons is paramount. The Mirasys VMS system provides venues such as stadiums, theaters, and concert halls with a powerful tool for crowd management, event security, and emergency response. With features such as video wall displays, mobile surveillance, and integration with public safety systems, Mirasys enables security teams to monitor large crowds and swiftly address any incidents that may arise. By deploying Mirasys VMS, entertainment venues can enhance visitor safety, optimize operational efficiency, and protect their reputation as a trusted destination for leisure and entertainment. The system’s scalability and interoperability make it an ideal solution for venues of all sizes, from intimate theaters to sprawling stadiums, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for attendees.

  • Monitoring crowd behavior during concerts or sporting events
  • Detecting and preventing unauthorized entry or ticket fraud
  • Identifying and responding to altercations or disturbances in the venue
  • Ensuring compliance with alcohol consumption and safety regulations
  • Monitoring queues and wait times at concessions or restroom facilities
  • Preventing vandalism or damage to property such as seating or facilities
  • Tracking the movement of VIP guests or high-profile individuals for security purposes
  • Ensuring compliance with fire safety and evacuation procedures


Government agencies around the world rely on Mirasys.

In the realm of government institutions, security is a top priority to protect citizens, infrastructure, and sensitive information. The Mirasys VMS system offers government agencies a robust platform for surveillance and threat detection across a wide range of facilities, including offices, public buildings, and transportation hubs. With features such as intelligent video analytics, facial recognition, and integration with access control systems, Mirasys enables proactive security measures to prevent unauthorized access and respond swiftly to incidents. By deploying Mirasys VMS, government entities can enhance public safety, improve situational awareness, and maintain the integrity of critical infrastructure. The system’s compliance with industry standards and data privacy regulations ensures that sensitive information remains secure and confidential.

  • Security breaches or unauthorized access to government facilities
  • Monitoring public areas for criminal activity or vandalism
  • Compliance with data privacy and confidentiality regulations
  • Identifying and responding to potential terrorist threats
  • Crowd management during public events or demonstrations
  • Tracking the movement of vehicles or individuals in high-security zones
  • Monitoring border crossings or immigration checkpoints
  • Preventing fraudulent activities related to government services