Case Study
Mirasys - Security Software

Guinness World Record monitored with Mirasys software

On April 12.-19., 2015, a shopping center Galeria Leszno in Leszno, Poland, organized an event of an attempt to break the Guinness record in running on a treadmill for seven days. Krzysztof Tumko took up the marathon challenge. The run was a success, and the current record for the length of the route running on […]


Mirasys: An Introduction

What is Mirasys? Mirasys is an independent Video Management Software (VMS) manufacturer head quartered in Helsinki, Finland with brick and mortar representation across the globe. We provide an aggressive VMS offering for entry, middle and enterprise tier projects. Partnering with accredited server manufacturers regionally; Mirasys offers a robust, stable, easy, cost effective alternative. With a […]

Mirasys Support

Easy. Open. Secure.

Features Secure, efficient video recording is at the heart of any video management system, but it is only one small aspect of the Mirasys solution. Video provides an in-depth view into the way a person behaves in an environment, this data can be used for far more than just recorded searchable video. With Mirasys “Plugins” the data […]


Mirasys: VMS simplified

Mirasys is always looking to integrate the latest and greatest in video management. Features Simplifying the User Experience with Plugins VCA (Video Content Analytics) Line Crossing People Counting Object Removed/Left Behind Loitering Edge Analytics

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