Person Search

Person Search

Person Search


  • Search any recorded or live material from any camera for a selected person
  • Generate a list of detected persons
  • Search speeds up to 64x faster than video recorded
  • Process multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Jump to a moment in recording by double clicking on a person thumbnail
  • Add to the story board for documenting an event sequence over multiple cameras
  • The system can actively search current and previous recordings automatically without a person watching the system.
  • Detection confidence slider allows the user to configure the system to give it an acceptable margin of error.

FOrms of search

Selected Persons
    • Search from a list of already detected persons, across multiple cameras. (Ideal for searching for a specific person within a crowd of people)
All Persons
    • Generates a list of all detected persons that have been captured in view of the camera. (Ideal for use of access control and monitoring traffic within an area)