Mirasys: VMS simplified

Mirasys is always looking to integrate the latest and greatest in video management.


Secure, efficient video recording is at the heart of any video management system, but it is only one small aspect of the Mirasys solution. Video provides an in-depth view into the way a person behaves in an environment, this data can be used for far more than just recorded searchable video. With Mirasys “Plugins” the data can be utilized to automate, alert and track both live and recorded events, support business and marketing decisions, audit events for risk management, and export data in a way that provides unparalleled forensic capabilities.  

Simplifying the User Experience with Plugins

Meet the requirements of the most demanding projects using “Plugins”. In addition to the built-in features and functions, “Plugins” provide a wealth of beneficial options making it easy and fast to manage a monitor wall with AVM, monitor areas of traffic in a retail environment using Heat Map, generate reports on any system function including audit trail, POS data and people counting using Reporting+, capture and search license plates with ANPR, or integrate with many other 3rd Party systems.

VCA (Video Content Analytics)

VCA takes video to a whole new level by bringing intelligence into the system. Video is analyzed and compared to provide real-time threat detection and statistical data. Mirasys enables Video Content Analytics (VCA) on virtually any camera added to the system, or you can leverage analytics at the edge from one of our supported camera partners.

Line Crossing

Create a virtual perimeter, or virtual line anywhere on the cameras field of view.

People Counting

Setup a line for an entry or exit point and add a counter to generate statistical data.

Object Removed/Left Behind

Monitor an area to prevent theft of important items, or monitor public areas to ensure safety by quantifying risks when objects are left behind.


Typically, when a crime occurs the assailant will stakeout the perimeter to determine vulnerabilities. Loitering rules can be created to alarm when someone has stopped in a zone for longer than the set period of time.

Edge Analytics

Mirasys open architecture enables the use of analytics that reside at the edge on the camera. These analytics can be leveraged to create situational awareness in critical projects within the Mirasys video management system.