Case Study

Giving The Companion School Peace Of Mind

“We are really happy with the system. We know now that our personnel, students, premises and assets are protected, it gives us peace of mind,” said Mrs Clay, Business Manager, Campion School.

The Challenge

The Campion School in Hornchurch, Essex, UK, has more than 1200 students. The Campion School needed an easy to use solution to identify and monitor their visitors. Students leaving the premises without clearance had also become a growing problem. The Campion school also wanted a powerful deterrent against vandalism and to better protect the school’s premises and assets.

The Solution

“We turned to video surveillance primarily because we needed an effective way to monitor visitors,” explained Marilyn Clay, Business Manager at The Campion School.
To place security cameras at the entrance doors and parking lots in educational institutions is an easy way to help the administrative staff to monitor the visitors and ensure they are properly signed in, while still allowing the students to move freely around the campus.
Mirasys Enterprise series was installed at The Campion School together with IP and analog PTZ cameras and two Arecont 8 Megapixel 360˚ cameras. Mirasys solutions support both analog and digital surveillance cameras. They are easy to expand with more cameras and integrate with other systems and devices and therefore provide a future- proof investment.
“The installation was really swift and smooth,” said Jonathan Reynolds, the Network Manager at The Campion School who has overseen the installation. “The Mirasys software is so easy and intuitive so it only took me 10 minutes to learn how to use it!
The system practically takes care of itself; I only look at the recordings if there has been an incident. The reliability of the system is remarkable and the quality of the images is incredible.”

The Benefits

“Now we can quickly and easily register visitors and we know exactly who is where on our premises at any time during the day. We also had some problems with students leaving the premises without clearance, but Mirasys video surveillance has helped us to eliminate this problem,” said Mrs Clay.
Video surveillance is an effective way to protect premises from threats to property and assets. “We are pleased to have our sports facilities, such as the gym, our indoor sports hall and swimming pool monitored.”
The significant advantage of the Mirasys network video system is that viewing can be done remotely from anywhere over LAN, WAN or the Internet as well as from several different locations simultaneously. PC’s with a web browser or installed client software can retrieve images from any of the cameras in the system, based on their user access rights.
“For example if there is an incident during weekends holidays or out of hours, we can check the situation remotely and then take action,” said Mr Reynolds.
“Regarding misbehavior, we are lucky to have such well-behaving students,” says Mrs Clay. However, if needed, recorded video can be used to provide clear evidence in disciplinary situations. We are now able to see both sides of the story if a dispute arises.”