Case Study
Spotter Software Helps Supermarket

K- Supermarket, Minimizing Theft

“The system boosts business efficiency on-site and improves customer service and sales – that’s what this is all about,” said Mr Roine, Retailer, Laajasalo K- Supermarket.

The Challenge

Laajasalo K-supermarket required a CCTV system to proactively minimize opportunities for shoplifting, both in terms of internal and external shrinkage. The system needed to protect staff and customers and act as a deterrent for assaults andattacks. Laajasalo K-supermarket wanted a CCTV system which would provide clear and high-quality images for forensic evidence.

The Solution

Laajasalo K-supermarket chose to implement an end-to-end solution from Mirasys, which included 64 Panasonic WV-CP284E box cameras inside the shop, and three cameras with weatherproof housing outside, designed to provide a view to every corner.

The Benefits

In addition to providing CCTV surveillance and security, the comprehensive system also helps to eliminate human errors and identify suspicious point-of-sales transactions. counterfeiting, credit card fraud and employee misconduct such as incorrect entering of prices, price tag switching, unauthorised discounts and fraudulent returns and markdowns can all be identified through evidence provided by the intelligent video surveillance solution.
“The surveillance system is also an important tool for me when planning staff allocation. The Mirasys system enables close monitoring of customer statistics and helps me to understand the routes that these customers take around the store, and their queuing behaviour,” stated Mr Roine, Retailer, Laajasalo K-supermarket.
“The system also increases information sharing and reliability. It is important that I know exactly what is going on in real-time, and by viewing a situation simultaneously through 32 cameras on a video wall consisting of four 46” screens, I get a clear picture of the whole situation and can act immediately as required, thus improving the customer’s experience,” said Mr Roine.
“All in all, the system boosts business efficiency on-site and improves customer service and sales – that’s what this is all about,” Mr Roine added.

An Experienced System Integrator

“It is important to understand the daily security challenges retailers are facing. Additionally to direct thefts, also many other incidents call the retailer’s attention, thus distracting his thoughts from the main business itself,” says Mr. Mikko
Sihvo, Sales Director at Wextra Oy, a Helsinki based security system integrator. “High loss figures created by shoplifting, sweetheart deals and employee theft raise merchandise prices and affect the profitability of the retail business,” continues Sihvo. “Also insurance frauds (slip-and-fall cases) bring high costs to the retailers.”
“Vandalism and littering not only increase maintenance costs but also cause negative feelings towards the store expelling customers. Same negative effects are caused by hold-ups and pestering of customers.”
“The motivation of the staff is highly influenced by the security of the working place. Robberies at cashier points and threatening of personnel decrease productivity significantly.”
“Video surveillance plays an essential role in protecting a retail outlet against crime,
accidents and other unwanted incidents”, concludes Sihvo.
Wextra Oy is an experienced security system integrator in Helsinki, Finland. The company was founded in 1999 and is mainly owned by employees. More at

About Laajasalo K-supermarket

Kesko is the leading provider of trading sector services and is a listed company with 2010 net sales of close to €8,800 million. The company was registered on the stock exchange in 1960, and operates in the food, home, speciality goods, building and home improvement, and car and machinery trades. Kesko has around 2,000 stores engaged in chain operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus, providing jobs to around 22,000 employees. More than one million customers shop in Kesko’s ‘K-stores’ each day.
Kesko’s food division is a key player in Finland’s grocery market, overseeing
€3,900 million in net sales from K-citymarket, K-supermarket, K-market and K-extra branded chains. Laajasalo K-supermarket is just one grocery store operated by Kesko, and is located in Helsinki, Finland. At around 1500 square meters in size, Laajasalo K-supermarket employs 40 workers, and approximately 2000 customers visit the shop each day.