Mirasys Hardware

Scalability Green

With the Server Class system you can know that you are getting the best system for your needs

Loss prevention Green
Secure Data

With RAID enabled storage options, you can be sure your data is always safe.

Adaptable 2 Green
Scalable storage

The ability to choose how much storage is needed for your specific needs.

Mirasys hardware with the ability to record up to 256 cameras at a time, per server.  The ability to choose the amount of storage necessary for your individual situation. 

Beginners Tutorial Green

You will be able to see everything you need to, all at the same time.

Adaptable Green
Network Options

Standard Networking configurations and simple setups.

System integrations Green
Easy Integration

Running Windows OS means these systems connect to your existing systems with ease.

Powerful workstations allow the user to view as many cameras as needed at one time; all while remaining quick and responsive.  With outputs for multiple monitors, you can be assured with Mirasys hardware that every view can be easily adjusted to your needs. 

Mirasys VMS

Mirasys Spotter is a powerful, yet easy to use solution for managing your Surveillance system

See it in Action

Mirasys Spotter has a myriad of useful capabilities, List of features

With powerful networking abilities, the management servers are used to control a collection of recording servers and ensure that everything is running smoothly. They also can help facilitate fail-over situations, keeping your surveillance system secure.